The small differences

Today‘s globalized world takes thousands of people away from their homes to far away lands with alien cultures. The small differences in culture, which lead to differences in expectations, can often lead to misunderstandings. Such misunderstandings can jeopardize the success of your business venture, especially in Asia. It’s easy to say “I’ve seen it all.” But “Have you understood it all?” Whether you work in an international team or as an executive in Asia, an expatriate or an international visitor, I offer suitable assistance and training, so that you minimize your culture-shock, avoid culture-based misunderstandings ensuring your business deals are successful. Careful planning is of great help in this field. I offer tailor-made seminars and trainings, and can assist you through the whole transaction process: from establishing contacts to guiding you until the end of project. 

Asian Markets are as colourful as the culture


A nation's culture resides  in the hearts and in the soul of it's people.

Mahatma Ghandi